Whether you need glasses in Milton, St. Catharines or Mississauga, the team at Phoenix Optical can take care of you and your family. From performing eye exams to helping you pick out designer frames, we are there for you from start to finish.


At Phoenix Optical in Milton, St. Catharines and Missussauga, we aim to provide the very best customer experience possible. We do this in four key ways:


Eyewear is an investment, but it’s also a necessity for many of our customers. In order to provide you with the glasses or contacts you need, we aim to make it economical and budget friendly.


We understand that for many of our clients, eyewear is more than just a method of improving one’s vision – it’s a fashion statement. We stay on top of trends and bring in the latest collections and styles from top designers.


To best serve our customers we try to deliver products quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality.


The key to good customer service is personal attention. When shopping at one of our Phoenix Optical locations we want you to feel taken care of from start to finish. Our staff can help you try different frames, get the best fit, and go home knowing you made the right decision.